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The Last Night is a game directed by Tim Soret, who founded his video game studio Odd Tales in London.

The release date of the game on Xbox One, PC, & Mac is unknown for now. It will be published by Raw Fury.

Before becoming a real game, The Last Night was a small flash game made in 6 days, submitted to an online contest, the #CyberPunkJam. It won the competition among the 265 other games. This "draft" of The Last Night can still be played for free, in your browser, here.


The Last Night is a 2.5D cinematic adventure game, forging ahead on the path established by the greats such as Another World, Flashback and the Oddworld series. Set in a rich post-cyberpunk world, the game is aiming to update the vision seen in “Blade Runner” or “Ghost in the Shell”, while establishing a new standard for immersive pixel art.


The Last Night immerses you in the everyday life of Charlie, a second-class citizen living in a city brimming with augmentation and citizens living a gamified existence — none of which Charlie can experience himself due to a childhood accident. Apathetic and disheartened by the seemingly pointless world around him, Charlie is presented with an opportunity to take matters into his own hands. But at what risk?


  • Action & infiltration gameplay in the great tradition of cinematic platformers.
  • Travel between 4 very different districts using taxis, ferries, or monorail while trying to keep low profile.
  • A very original cast of characters to interact with through a fresh new style of interactive dialogues entirely animated.
  • Interactive, in-game multiple-choice events. In tricky situations, run away, argue to gain more time, or try to pull your gun.
  • Living, simulated world with dense crowd of citizens doing their own stuff.
  • Pixel art backgrounds, characters, and animations are entirely hand-drawn.



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